Hasami SG 6.25 inch left-handed

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The Hasami SG is the start of our pioneering rotary thumb design. We designed this chisel for stylists to try out a new ergonomic cutting method. The handle of the Hasami SG is designed with a subtle curve that follows the natural curve of the hand, allowing your fingers to rest comfortably, while providing control and support. The thumb of this scissor is advanced to keep your hand more open and relaxed, and allows the hand to rotate fully without ever compressing the palm.  Hand therapists around the world recommend that stylists use rotating thumb scissors to help reduce the risk of carpal tunnel trauma and repetitive strain injuries. This scissor is designed to help keep your body in an ergonomic and relaxed position and gives the user complete freedom of movement to create intricate haircuts. Made from a high quality and durable Japanese stainless steel, this scissor gives you everything you need to start working ergonomically. This chisel is available in 5.5 and 6.25 inch and in 30 tooth thinning chisel. All scissors come with a FREE case.