Hasami CG 7 inch left-handed

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The Hasami CG presents a modern take on a classic quirky style scissor. This sculpted Crane Grip offset is a great option for any stylist or hairstylist, looking for an ergonomic feel that isn't too far removed from a traditional haircutting scissor. The handle of the Hasami CG curves naturally with your fingers and allows your thumb to rest comfortably, reducing the distance you have to raise your elbow to maintain proper cutting posture. Made from Duralite ™, the Hasami CG is available in 5.5, 6 and 7 inch sizes. This scissor features a sculpted and permanent finger support that gives more stability and control. The click plate tension system gives it a low, sleek profile, while retaining the benefits of an external tensioning system. This scissor is also available as a texture chisel (15 teeth) and thinning scissor(30 teeth). All scissors come with a FREE case.