Hasami SWIVL 23 teeth

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The Hasami SWIVL 23 tooth changes everything making it an indispensable tool for every stylist. The cut is smoother on you and the client. There is no resistance when you remove the scissor from the hair. This scissor cuts each hair to a different length, so that the effect is invisible blending of the hair. You can cut and re-cut in a section until you get the weight you want and still won't leave any lines. Of course, the chisel has all the other ergonomic advantages of the SWIVL cutting chisel as well as all the high-tech features. Made from a premium Japanese molybdenum alloy, the SWIVL has incredible durability. . The polymer pad in the pivot eliminates wear and tear of metal on metal, keeping the sscissor looking like new for years to come. Hand therapists and doctors strongly suggest that stylists use rotating thumb scissors. The health benefits have been proven over the years. All scissors come with a FREE case.