Hasami Tao 5.5 inch

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A few years ago we were talking to a friend who is another Scissor maker and one of the world's foremost experts on Japanese swords. He told us about a new American-made carbide steel that had wear resistance statistics more than double that of any other material used for scissors. There were many challenges in making scissors from this material, but two years after starting the project, we introduced the first TAO chisel. Of course, a chisel made from this unique material would need all the other cutting edge features we could include. TAO has the entire pivot area encrusted with super smooth polymer. This eliminates metal-to-metal contact retaining the scissor feel and moving like new. The tension system uses sealed ball bearings to stabilize the blades and further extend life. Due to the unique material and the best features, we believe TAO is the best chisel in the industry. Each pair bears the mark of the proud craftsman who made it inside the blades. TAO also has a unique serial number. 

All scissors come with a FREE case.