Left handed HASAMI GSC trio

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The GSC has been a classic in the Hasami range since its inception. The subtle curve of the grip pioneered a new ergonomic version of the classic shift that has become the industry standard. The GSC has always been an example of innovation for non-rotating scissors. The shape of the handle allows for a shorter thumb travel distance and allows you to reduce your elbow rise, while still maintaining proper cutting technique. This chisel maximizes ergonomic comfort while maintaining a classic feel. 

 The Hassami GSC 23-tooth scissor creates a smooth blend without leaving any lines. It also combs without a streak, which can be your choice to soften every cut and achieve a natural finish in every cut. This is truly a breathtaking scissor. Polymer-lined pivots eliminate metal-to-metal wear, making this scissor last so you can invest in extending your tool kit rather than replacing your chisel. 

The Hasami DRY SLIDE 6 scissor allows you to glide the cut smoothly and effortlessly through dry and wet hair. The sliding edge gives you more control to remove the amount of hair you want. Soft tip cut and amazing dry cut. It is a rare tool that has the ability to change your life. The dry cut scissor has our classic original crane handle. It is made from a Japanese molybdenum alloy steel and features our Click Lock ™ leaf spring tension system. You will appreciate the smooth cut convex edge. Now we've added Polymer Glide ™ pads to the pivots to eliminate metal-to-metal contact. Note: This scissor is not designed for cutting precision straight lines, it will regrow hair when used in this way. All scissors come with a FREE case.